Personal Connection: Theatre, concerts and other social events in Spain

Hello there!

My name is Jana De Tandt. I’m a 22 year old girl, who studies economics in Belgium. This year I’ll finish my school carrier in Pamplona. In the first semester I’ll take my final courses and try to accomplish them with success. In the second semester, I’ll do my final internship and write my thesis. After this, I’m totally ready to explore our big world out there!

Together with my 3 “blogmates” we decided to write a blog about our experiences during the Erasmus-project, we’re all a part of. Obviously, it wouldn’t be very interesting to read from every one of us practical the same story. For this, we came with the idea that we all could talk about a more specific category that has something to do with our Erasmus-experience. Cata will take the category of food, Elien will talk about the different sport facilities, Suzan will write about the global social feeling and I will focus on the cultural part. More specifically, I’ll write about theatre, concerts and other social events.

For me, the subject I’ll talk about is very close to my personal life in Belgium. Since I was a little girl, I took classes to bring my speaking to perfection. These diction classes made me fall in love with words, literature, pronunciation, the art of performing and dealing with literature,… For this reason, I went to an art school where I took different classes such as drama, diction, declamation, theatre, stage performance,… These courses made my passion for literature only grow and extended it with an interest in all kind of performances such as theatre, street dance, musicals, concerts, festivals,…

Because of my big passion for all these cultural events, I spend a lot of time doing them. In Belgium, I invest almost all of my spare time in activities like that. I’m part of a theatre group, where I’m not only active as an actor but also as a participating member for the practical arrangements. I’m alternately a member of the technical group, the promotional team, the prompter volunteers,…

Beside this, I try to make time to spend at least one evening a week in a theatre and one in a cinema. I love to expend my film –and theatre knowledge, because in my opinion it counts a little bit as real life experience. You have to deal with so much different emotions and situations that you improve your knowledge of life in general. Next to these events, I try to go to life concerts around 4 to 5 times a year. Furthermore, I’m also a big fan of festivals. Every year I try to enjoy at least 3 different ones. Tomorrowland is one the most popular ones in Belgium. Because of the beautiful decoration and the themes they use, I really love that festival. Finally, you also have the more local, little events which aren’t that popular among people my age but I really can appreciate them. In Belgium, I search the internet to find such small events which I haven’t heard of yet, so I can check them out.

Concert Street theatre Tomorrowland

With this, I think you guys know something more about my personal life and, more important, my connection with the subject I’ll talk about it during the next 7 weeks. In my next blog, I’ll talk about the most significant similarities and differences between the cultural events in Spain and Belgium.

Hasta luego, amigos!
Jana De Tandt


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