Online sources and references: sports

In order to write my blogs about my personal topic ‘sports’, I had to consult a lot of different websites. In my previous blogs, I inserted a few links using some keywords so my readers could easily continue to a specific website with all the information about a specific subject. Click here to read my previous blogs about sports in Belgium/ Spain and about bullfighting.

In this blog, I will explain which websites are useful when you plan to do some sport activities. To make everything a bi more lucrative, I will do this by describing my weekend (02 till 04 October 2015) and I will show you how I’ve planned my sports activities by using some interesting websites.

So my weekend started Friday at 2.00 PM when I got out of ‘Fundamento de Derecho’ class. A few weeks ago I met an Erasmus girl from Portugal at a pre-booze in someone’s apartment. After chatting with her, I knew she used to give hip hop classes at her home university. She noticed that me and my flatmates were very interested and she invited us to her hip hop sessions at the university of Navarra. Couple of days later I got an invite for her Facebookgroup #abouthiphop. We learned this amazing choreography on the beats of ‘What do you mean‘ from Justin Bieber.

Facebook is a great and famous kind of social media. You can create and attend events from friends and organisations. Through this medium, I’ve already received a lot of information on sports and other activities in for example Pamplona.


Later that evening we went to another pre-booze/student dinner of Erasmus students and later that night we decided to do a little exercise so we went dancing in Valentino and after that we went to Ozone. After 5 hours exhausting dancing workout we went to our apartment and slept from 6.00 AM till 1 PM.

The website from Ozone is very good and well structured. Therefore, this is the perfect website to visit if you feel like going out in Pamplona and to jiggle those butts! 🙂 You get information about concerts, VIP packages, agenda updates, photos of previous party’s, discounts, music, jobs, …

Another great website is the one where I found the information about nightclub ‘Valentino’. The ‘El País‘ website is so extensive! The website covers a lot of information about different topics in Spain, America, Brasil and Catalunã. However, when I typed in ‘Valentino’ in ‘Google’ this weekend, I came directly across the section ‘Tarde y Noche en Navarra’.

galeria_23351_post  10653795_700605083343320_8425867808750112782_n

A few days ago my flatmates and I went to the Language Exchange 2015-2016 at the university and we won free tickets for the football game ‘Osasuna vs. Lugo‘ at El Sadar. If you want to bet on the game, you should definitely visit this website!

When you click on the first link you find all kinds of information about programs, radio, shop, news, cycling, football, movies, food and comedy. In the Football section, you are able to see the scores of different games, the match commentary, information about the players, …

The second link is the website of Club Atlético Osasuna. The website is divided in different sections: actualidad, primer equipo, osasuna tv, osasuna promesas, fútbol base, club, tiendas, socios and fundación.

The third link is the website of GamingZion and is a gambling website. When you clicked on my previous link, you could place your bet on a game; the so called sports betting.

football game


This was my incredible sporting weekend, if you want to know more about sport in Spain I can recommend you a couple of other very interesting links:

The first one is a website where you find information about Barça, Real Madrid, Espanyol, fútbol (internacional), basket, motor and other sports.

The second one  is a website that was recommended to me by another Erasmus friend/ Member of International Committee of university. On this website you will find all the information you want about Spanish football.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Elien Van der Jeucht


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