Best online work 2015: SPORTS

For this weeks blog we had to write about the best online work on your topic in 2015. Personally I had no clue what I should write, which sources I could use etc.

In terms of ‘the best’ in sports, it can be handled very easy. You just choose a few typical Spanish sports, you look online for the winners of each sport discipline and you search the web looking for good articles to use. And voila, this is ‘the best player’. This website has some of the best works about sports in Spain. Check it out!

For example: Not a day goes by without Fernando Alonso, one of Spain’s most famous sportsmen, appearing in the headlines concerning Formula 1. For soccer we have a lot of Spanish soccer gods such as David Villa and Fernando Torres. For basketball we have well-known names such as Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca and Jordi Trias. Of course, Spain is very famous for it’s tennis players such as Rafael Nadal. To see the top 10 list click here!

Fernando-Alonso-Espana-Morfeo-Eurovision_EDIIMA20130518_0331_4 equipo_hermanos_gasol_zipi_efe  RafaNadal

Instead of comparing the best sports player of the most famous Spanish sports, I started browsing the web, as always, using images as my main source of inspiration.

Suddenly I came upon this amazing picture (see featured picture) and I just knew I had found “the best online work about sports in Spain”. This image is filled with emotion, power, sportsmanship, teamwork and Spanish daredevils who are basically shouting: ‘the sky is the limit’! Read more about it in this article.

These human towers are called ‘castell’ or ‘castle’ and are built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia. According to the article, the highest castell in history was a ten-tier structure with three people in each tier. The human towers were declared to be amongst the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010.


The following pictures have been taken during the 25th human tower competition in Tarragona, Spain. Since this event only takes place once a year on the 5th of October, there aren’t any articles published yet about the 26th edition.

1412583641431_wps_9_In_this_Saturday_Oct_4_20 1412583733485_wps_13_Members_of_the_Castellers 1412583792628_wps_21_Members_of_the_Castellers 1412583807369_wps_25_Members_of_the_Castellers

Nevertheless, my flatmate went to Barcelona on 21 of September and she was able to take picture in front of a human tower. Take a look! It’s very impressive!


Elien Van der Jeucht


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