The best work on Spanish theatre, concerts and other social events in 2015

Hi everyone,

For this week’s blog, I struggled a lot. Finding the best work of theatre, concerts or any other social event in Spain in 2015… Not easy! First of all, I tried to find an interesting thesis or book or blog or… about the topic. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of people writing qualitative material about these topics. Secondly, I tried to find a unique event for 2015 that was held in Spain, but I couldn’t find that either. I did encounter, because of this research, a number of events held annually like for example Piornal, Càdiz carnival, Fallas de Valencia, Moros y christianos, las Fiestas de San IsidroFestival de Málaga,…

Carnaval Piornal Cadiz

From these different social events, I thought the festival de Málaga would be the most interesting one for me. Looking at the program, I was really impressed. During 10 days people can enjoy a lot of cultural activities whole day long: open air cinemas, educational programs, special documentaries, short movies, movies that won a reward, music, special stars,… There is something for everyone. In my opinion, this festival is really worth the visit, especially for theatre and movie fans. I’m even  thinking about going for the festival of 2016 next year.

According to their official website, the Malaga Festival of Spanish Cinema had his first edition in 1998. During all this time, they stayed true to their main goal: disperse and promote the Spanish cinema. They try to do this by gathering each year to the different sectors of the film industry and by crating forums, debates and meetings to review the progress and the needs of the Spanish cinema.

Filmbord festival    Filmfestival

The Festival has become “the” film industry event in Spain and is a first-rate cultural event with great attendance, which annually receives wide media coverage, both nationally and internationally. “El periódico” for example wrote a really positive article about the festival. Furthermore, you can also follow the festival on the social media site Facebook.

With this research, I think I found a new activity to plan in for next year. The Festival de Málaga really draw my attention and will be a very nice experience.

Maybe I’ll meet you guys there!

Jana De Tandt


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