Best online work in 2015 on Spanish habits & customs

Hi all!

Last week you’ve got some useful links to fully dive into the Spanish habits and customs. All together they give a pretty good overview of how Spanish people behave, and why. This week is still about information you can find online, but then about the best online work on this topic, written in 2015.

In my opinion, Trips and Tips and Social Tricks (yes it’s quite a name) has done this the best – by far. They talk about a lot of different aspects: the language, the work/life balance, importance of family, religion, fiestas, and this list goes on and on. They also show they know what they are talking about, and have multiple sources to back the information up.

They don’t only mention the topic in general, but also tell which aspects of it are typical and where you  could see this certain habit or custom in Spain. It is therefore a very useful source, both for people planning on going to Spain and for people who want a little extra (background) information on certain behaviors they’ve seen. Go and enjoy yourself, reading and learning about habits and customs in Spain.


PS: it’s included in the picture, but it’s own work and therefore no credits have been given. The people shown have given permission to this photo being taken.



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