Best work on Spanish cuisine

As I started to build this blog, I would find myself searching all over the internet for good sources and good websites regarding Spanish cuisine and Spanish food. There are so many sites, so many information that can be found, that inevitably, we have to start to select the best works and the best sources of information we can find.

This leads to the next inevitable question: what is a good source on our topic, Spanish cuisine? What is the best work we can find on Spanish food? This is a hard question to answer, because so much can be found, and everything seems to build our knowledge and help us find out more about the fascinating topic.

Spanish omelette
Spanish omelette

For example, this post highlights how Spanish food is all about variety, but is old and can be outdated. We also have this amazing website from, devoted to Spanish cuisine, Spanish recipes and more: we can even find a post about what we need to stock our kitchen with to cook Spanish recipes.

However, the best post I found on Spanish food was from, a great website where we can find both recipes and curious facts about Spanish food. Almost everything you need to become an expert on Spain and it’s traditional food is on that website.croquta

So there you have it, a quick recap of where to find the best online works in Spanish Cuisine online. Enjoy them, discover them and don’t be afraid to find your own favorite online work on the wonders of Spanish Food!

Por Catalina Millé

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