Learning about Spanish cuisine

Blogging was not something new for me. I had already had my personal blog for a year now, but this time was different, because The Spanish Dive is not mine; it’s a group blog.

This is different because I had to talk to my blogmates, communicate with them and arrange what we wanted the blog to be, what should be published on the blog, and how. This was a humbling experience and certainly taught me a great deal about group work, specially knowing that our final result, The Spanish Dive, would be available for anyone with a cellphone and internet, and that it can even prove to be useful for people that, like us, are traveling around Spain.

croqutaThe blog was also a challenge because of the language. Mostly I have always written in Spanish, but to write posts in English helped me sharp my skills and also expand my knowledge and my lexicon. This certainly was useful and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Learning about Spanish Cuisine was definitely one of my favorite things about the blog: discovering the wonders of the Spanish taste and recipes was amusing and constructive.

So I bid myself goodbye with this post, but first I’ll copy de link of my posts, in case some of you missed them. I recommend you take you time in each of them, and enjoy joining me in discovering the wonders the Spanish Cuisine has to offer us.

Goodbye, readers, hope you enjoyed diving yourselves in the Spanish culture with us!


Catalina Millé



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