Final blogpost – looking back

Dear readers,

This is already the final post on Spanish habits and customs! So far, I’ve written four posts about this subject, which are linked below (in chronological order):

  1. My personal connection with the topic
  2. Case study on the Siesta
  3. Useful online webpages
  4. Best online work of 2015

I had never blogged before, so this was quite an experience. I had heard of WordPress before but the ‘blogging world’ was completely new to me. Luckily WordPress turnt out to be an easy platform to use. I liked the experience of blogging, as you had to do some research yourself first and could share that with others later on. However, continuing blogging on a regular basis, which would be beneficial for the number of people following your blog, would be hard, as it is something I know I will forget about once it’s only just for fun.

So far, I have learnt a lot about this topic, especially regarding the background of certain things. I knew some habits of Spanish people, but I found out now why they do the things they do in a certain way – exactly the goal of my blogging. I can therefore really look back on a useful and fun experience, in which I learnt a lot. Not just about my own topic, but also about WordPress, blogging in general and the ‘rules’ associated with it.

In the end, I think that we, together (Cata, Elien, Jana and me) wrote a lot of useful information in a fun way, and I think we can be proud of that.

Adios amigos!

PS: credits for the featured image go to Merruk!



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