Final blog – Reflection

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I already posted four different blogs. I really hope you enjoyed them and most importantly, that you learned something new from them! If you can’t remember what they were about, you can check them out again over here:

Unfortunately, this is already my last blog. Before this assignment, I didn’t really have a lot of experience with blogging. I once had to write a short one for a small task in college, but that wasn’t on such a level as here. For me personally, I think I really developed my writing skills by doing this blog. Furthermore, I learned a lot of new things about the Spanish theatre, the different social events, the various outdoor concerts,… Every week I read the blogs of my colleagues as well, because I was curious about what interesting facts about their Erasmus-experience they would share. Especially Cata’s was really exciting because I love food in general. I got to know some new delicious plates, thanks to her. Furthermore, Elien her blogs also learned me some traditions and sports, I didn’t know before.

Because of this, I can say that this experience was great. In my last blog I also want to thank you, as a reader, for caring. Thanks for reading my blog and stick with me and my theatre topic. Nevertheless, this is a goodbye. I hope I’ll have some time in the future to build an interesting new blog and hopefully, I’ll see you guys over there as well then.

If you would like to read more about me and keep in touch with new material I bring out, you can always follow me on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to add me!

See you next time,
Jana De Tandt



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